Thomas Instrument is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. Our people and business processes focus on special requirements in the aerospace industry, successful management of FOD, and exceeding customer expectations. We will progress with continual improvement and review of the quality management system in accordance with ISO-9001:2015 and AS9100D and any applicable regulations. Our commitment to product and process quality is our highest priority.
Certificate of Registration
NADCAP Certificate

NADCAP Certification

FAA Repair Certificate

FAA Repair Certificate

Since 2013, Thomas has been certified as an FAA Repair Station. Thomas Instrument is approved for maintenance, overhaul and repair of Accessories and Non-destructive testing. Our Air Agency Certificate number is 9TIR086C.

Critical contributors include our customer focused culture and high performance personnel, training programs, quality vendors, facilities and equipment, and a lead by example approach to work in progress. Mechanical inspection personnel utilize six Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machines with a full complement of supporting metrological equipment. These units offer dimensional data acquisition for production verification, First Article Testing (FAT), and engineering support. We host mechanical inspection in atmospherically controlled laboratories and default to a zero defect sampling plan unless otherwise specified by contract. In addition, Thomas Instrument has in-house Non-destructive testing (NDT) facilities and Metallurgical Lab wherein we confirm the quality of heat treat processes and verify mechanical properties of material throughout production.