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Quality Engineering and MRO Services

From Concept to Sunset, We Deliver Excellence

Engineered Actuation Solutions

Thomas Instrument has a fully qualified staff of engineers experienced in all phases of support for mature military flight hardware. Our engineering team has decades of experience in flight controls, structural hardware, hydraulics, pneumatics, precision gearing, gearbox design, clutches, actuators, ballscrews, winches, repair and overhaul, design, development, and testing of military aircraft products.

Thomas electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic engineers are experienced with design and development in numerous areas of hydraulic, electrical, electromechanical and mechanical systems. Their development efforts have included design-to-specification, product qualification, reverse engineering, test procedures and overhaul processes. The use of 3D modeling helps to integrate engineering, manufacturing and inspection processes.

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Sustainment & MRO

Thomas Instrument specializes in the repair and overhaul of precision systems for the aircraft industry. Commonly overhauled products include complete gearboxes, actuators, ballscrews, hydraulic motors, clutch & brake assemblies, valves (all types), complex servo valves, and power drive assemblies. Thomas provides innovative solutions to the most challenging requirements.

Thomas Instrument has the staff, equipment, experience, and facilities to perform repair and overhaul services on the most demanding aircraft products. Engineering management teams work closely with our skilled technicians ensuring overhaul projects are closely monitored. Controls are in place to insure contract requirements are met and documented. Experienced logistics experts proactively initiate teaming arrangements for parts availability, complementing the in-house manufacturing efforts to assure timely deliveries. These initiatives are aggressively pursued to completion, achieving total customer satisfaction.


Vacuum Heat Treat

Thomas Instrument is capable of processing work such as Normalizing, Annealing, Low Pressure Carburizing, Through Hardening, Solution treating of Stainless Steel, Age Hardening, Oil Quench, Temper, Stress Relieving, and Cryogenic Stabilization.

Thomas Instrument has the ability to apply Nadcap heat treat process controls and procedures when contracted in both Heat Treat and Metallurgy Testing such as microhardness and microstructure evaluation.

Thomas Instrument furnaces can heat treat parts up to 24” wide, 36” in length, including vertical stress relieve and precipitation hardening up to 54" long in a nitrogen protective atmosphere. Vacuum carburizing is done utilizing acetylene gas. 

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